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I like to joke that I’m a recovering stay-at-home mom. 

I left corporate America in 2007 to be with my daughter and have stayed home ever since — adding two more crazy boys along the way.

When my youngest son started preschool in 2015, I really wanted to get back into the workforce. 

I wanted to bring in some extra money. 

I wanted to find a purpose that complemented being a full-time parent to my kids.

I wanted to be valued beyond daily vacuuming.

(Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I HATE housework?!?)

Why I work as Pinterest Manager (so I don't have to wash dishes)

I found a part-time job as a virtual assistant to a small startup company. 

The work and the money were meaningful, but after a year of juggling the family schedule with email management and customer service, I had to call it quits.

I was always yelling at my kids while trying to hit deadlines that someone else set for me. 

Emails and customers needed immediate attention while screen time was starting to turn my kids into zombies as I’d snap, “PLEASE just let me finish this one last thing.”

So I left that job, happy for the reminder that I could still contribute to society (beyond wiping runny noses, kissing boo-boos, and folding laundry) but also understanding that general virtual assisting totally wasn’t working for us. 

Over the next year, we moved cross-country to Colorado for my husband’s job. My focus became getting everyone settled into the new house and school routine.

Eight months later my daughter started middle school. (Puberty, Drama, and Boys, oh my!)

My SAHM life was rapidly changing as my kids grew up. 

Suddenly I had HOURS every week that I wanted to fill with engaging my brain (and not just mopping floors) while still being there for my kids every day, on school vacations, and over the summer break. 

In other words, I wanted work that was TOTALLY flexible.

And it had to pay enough for me to see a difference in our bank account.

And I wanted to see long term career growth potential with it. 

And I wanted to actually ENJOY the daily tasks.

Did something like that even exist for someone who’d been out of the workforce for 10 years?

Then I stumbled on the idea of becoming a Pinterest VA.

(Cue the unicorns and talking bluebirds.)

Finding completely flexible work-from-home job felt like finding a unicorn

I started by buying a course on how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant but didn’t set my mind to actually DOING it until a few months later. 

Fear and self-doubt were fueling some serious procrastination.

I was afraid. What if it was too technical and I couldn’t figure it out. 

What if I couldn’t find clients? 

What if I found clients but no one wanted to hire me? 

Could I really do this???

Finally, I decided to just take it one step at a time and not worry about the outcome. 

And I. DID. IT. I focused on one training module at a time until I’d worked through them all.

I discovered I was capable

(Note: It really helps that the course instructors break it ALL THE WAY DOWN for you!)

You might be asking, “What’s a Pinterest VA and how much do they make?”

A Pinterest virtual assistant (VA) is someone who helps bloggers and businesses manage their Pinterest accounts. This might be organizing their Pinterest profile, scheduling pins or creating new pins.

For some clients, I only organized their Pinterest profile as a one-time project. For others, I create and schedule pins for them every month. 

Since each client might need different services, there is no set monthly amount but generally, Pinterest VAs make $30-50 per hour. 

For me, I currently average a little over $1200 a month doing work for a handful of clients. Some weeks I’ll work 15 hours and others only five hours depending on my family’s schedule. 

Before I started, my husband asked me if there were really clients that would pay someone to manage their Pinterest account. 

As part of the Pinterest VA course, I not only learned how to manage Pinterest accounts but also how to find and manage clients. 

I shared in a few Facebook groups and freelancing job sites that I was offering Pinterest services. Within three months, I had three rock steady clients in niches I love – parenting, food, and DIY home decor – and did several one-time projects. 

And I TURNED down FOUR other clients (!?@#$!!) because I wanted to make sure that I still had time to be patient and there for my kids when they got home from school.

Being home to get the kids off the bus

Back to my recovery from being a stay-at-home mom…

So, even though I’m making money managing other people’s Pinterest accounts, I still consider myself a stay-at-home mom (hence the ‘recovering’ bit).  

I regularly volunteer at the school, get the kids on and off the school bus every day, and run them to activities and appointments. (Hello, Mom Taxi). 

So, are you wondering how you can become a Pinterest virtual assistant?

You can do exactly what I did – learn all the skills you need by taking the Become a Pinterest VA course.  

It only opens up for enrollment two times a year and comes with all kinds of bonuses like lifetime access to course updates and a Facebook support group where client leads are posted.

Click here to learn more while you wait for the Spring 2020 course enrollment to open up. 

Once you enroll, you’ll have access to the course 24/7 so you can learn while the kids are at school, after bedtime, or during naps if you have little ones still at home. 

Another way to learn more and ask questions is to sign up for the free Facebook group. There you can check out the Q&A events as well a FREE workshop that will give you a taste of what a Pinterest VA does. 

Want more proof that I’m not alone in my success with this course? You can check out some of other student success stories here

If you decide to go for it, I’d love to hear how you do. 

Send me a copy of your receipt and we’ll set up a FREE 30-minute coaching call where I’ll give you one-on-one tips on how to get clients, get more efficient, and increase your rates.

We’ll also chat about how to get over your fear — because you will feel a little scared every step up the way but YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!

Welcome to the recovering SAHM club!


Why being a Pinterest VA is the perfect SAHM job

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