How to deal when your tween finds you IRRITATING

Have you recently noticed that your tween sighs and rolls her eyes every time you say something?

Does your mere presence irritate and your every word is interrupted?

Read on to know how to handle this very normal tween behavior.

Somewhere between the ages of twelve and thirteen my previously sweet and considerate child stopped welcoming any and all interaction with me. When going in for a hug, I’d get a turned back.  

When asked how school went, I’d get an eye roll and a shrug.

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The first thing is to make sure your ego doesn’t take over your ability to handle the situation.  The last thing you want is a battle of wills. If your ego takes over, you ensure everyone loses. 

The next time your tween rolls her eyes don’t take is personally. She is just doing her ‘job.’ She is establishing her own identity and independence from you.

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